If your project is seeking funding from the National Lottery Heritage Fund (formerly HLF), you need tailored support - and tailored photography - to maximise your chances of success in a very competitive environment. I can help you.

I have over 16 years experience of successfully presenting large applications to the HLF Board of Trustees. Major awards include £21.6m for the Riverside Museum in Glasgow, £17.7m for the National Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh, £13.1m for Kelvingrove Museum & Art Gallery in Glasgow and numerous others. In my time as Head of HLF in Scotland, I oversaw an investment of Lottery funds in excess of £600m in heritage projects across Scotland.

I can help you articulate your project's unique vision and the narrative which will distinguish it from others, and deploy my skill as a professional photographer to provide you with the powerful images you need to make your project stand out and achieve the investment it deserves.

Working together, we will refine your project's narrative, clarifying exactly what you are aiming to achieve and what benefits it will bring. We will then agree a list of images - specifying each one precisely - that you need to illustrate that narrative. The list does not have to be long, but the images all need to be strong, memorable, relevant and, above all, they need to support and reinforce your project's narrative. The shoot will be planned to maximise the best angles and the best light, and the finished image files will be delivered to suit your requirements. (all images © Colin McLean; award data from HLF web site)