Architectural Photography With a Purpose

The Challenge

A client - whose anonymity I’ll preserve - approached me with an interesting architectural photographic challenge: “We want you to reduce our bounce rate.” Google Analytics was showing that their bounce rate - the percentage of visitors to their business’s web site who were leaving the site after visiting only one page, in this case the home page - was high. “We need a photograph that holds people for longer on our home page and entices them to explore [our web site] further.”

Defining the Problem

We had a number of conversations about their existing and potential markets and the kind of image that might appeal to them. Their business is based in a historic building, and we had a good walk around it, discussing how it sat in the surrounding landscape and what features were important - what did we need to bring out and what did we need to minimise. We settled on a viewpoint that met these requirements.

Getting the picture

I checked out the position of the sun at various times of the day in relation to the features of the building, and visited the location on three occasions to take photographs. But the light was not quite right on any of these visits. Then, late one afternoon, the sky looked promising and I dashed there to catch a picture. It was not the most dramatic of skies, but it was right. It was composed and cropped to meet the webmaster’s requirements, and uploaded.


The bounce rate fell. Success. Photography with a purpose.